This training will take you into an experiential process of aligning with your Life-Force Energy

There are 4 topics of discussion followed by daily exercises for you to do at home:

  1. Firstly  we Identify what Life-Force Energy is
  2. Then we  learn how to access it in your body
  3. Followed by learning how to maintain and grow your energy flow
  4. In the fourth module , you will learn how to use this energy during love making
  5. The fifth module is a recording of a Q&A session and for you to book your one-on-one with me.

You will be given simple daily meditations and exercises to do at home.  The exercises are designed to build on one another, taking you on a journey of connecting deeper and deeper with yourself. 

This course was first run as a guided intensive with a group of participants. It has now been transformed into a standalone course that you can do by yourself and in your own time. 

I suggest doing it as a 21 Day programme, but you may choose to do it as your schedule allows.

As a BonusI am offering each participant a one-one-one Zoom session with me.


  1. 1
  2. 2
    • Day 7: How to start feeling your Life-Force Energy - Zoom call recording

    • Day 8: Breath

    • Day 9: Create space in the body - a dance

    • Day 10: Feel the inner body

    • Day 11: Self pleasure

    • Day 12: Move and Feel

    • Day 12: Questionnaire

    • Bonus Dance: Craving Touch

    • Bonus Poetry: Body Electric

  3. 3
    • Day 13: How to nurture and maintain your Life-Force Energy

    • Day 14: Voice

    • Day 15: Follow the natural flow of your spine

    • Day 16: The Form

    • Day 16: Questionnaire

    • Bonus art video: Flow

  4. 4
    • Day 17: Moving energy with a partner - Zoom recording

    • Day 18: How much can you feel?

    • Day 19: Be Present

    • Day 20: Love Dance

    • Day 21: Circulating the energy

    • Day 21: What is moving for you as a couple?

  5. 5
    • Conclusion and questions - Zoom call recording.

    • Last Questionnaire:

    • Book your one-on-one session with me


Here is what previous participants say:

I highly recommend Leán's course... She teaches what IS embodied for her and it is infectious...!! I loved the detail and depth and care with which each module was presented. Such powerful, brave and much needed work..

Thank you so much for all the enthusiasm you put into your course and letting me be a part of it. The course program was easy to use, I love love loved your videos. You are such a fabulous presenter.

I loved this course, Lean is a great teacher and embodies the teaching and the knowledge she is sharing. And I loved her vibe and sense of humour. It really was very interesting and fun an i'm looking forward to further my journey around life energy, conscious sexuality, chakras etc

I am very pleased with the workshop that you created. You are personable, fun, knowledgeable and professional. I thought the exercises were good, easy to follow and everything was well thought through. I feel that the daily exercises assigned worked well for me. It kept me accountable. I'm now at a new level of awareness of Life-Force Energy in my body. So, I definitely learned something and have enjoyed going back over the exercises. You and your course were lovely. I look forward to whatever you may offer in the future and have already mentioned this course to others

What an awesome course! I really got present to a lot more feeling in my body and look forward to continuing the exploration! Lean is also a great facilitator. Loved her authenticity and caring. She really has a unique and inspiring way of teaching. Recommended!

100% money back guarantee

If within 7 days, you feel the course does not resonate with you, I am offering a 100% money back guarantee .